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Cinnamon Good for Diabetes - True or False?

Cinnamon Good for Diabetes - True or False?

Recent studies have shown that adding cinnamon to the meals of Diabetics actually does help to improve blood sugar. This study particularly focuses in on type 2 diabetics who still produce insulin. The research conducted by the US Department of Agriculture shows that those who are overweight also benefit from the cleansing effect cinnamon has on glucose.

Studies have revealed that a component of cinnamon, MHCP, has an effect similar to insulin. It essentially ends up working hand in hand with insulin already in the bloodstream.

A follow up study of cinnamon was done in Pakistan by Anderson's lab that found further evidence. A group of type 2 Diabetics were formed and given cinnamon supplements. After each meal three to six grams of cinnamon was taken by the panel of volunteers. The result showed that the group reported upwards of 1/4 lower readings then a comparative controlled group. Some even returned to normal glucose levels. The group was then asked to stop using cinnamon and the blood sugars increased.

In these studies cinnamon has done more than help blood sugar. Fats and LDL (bad) cholesterol showed significant improvements over previous readings. Other good effects have also been documented.

The US Department of Agriculture tells us that adding cinnamon to a hot cup of tea or the foods we normally eat each day as diabetics is the proper usage. The caution is not to eat desserts high in sugar, fat or cholesterol simply for the cinnamon property.

So should we run out to the store and buy cinnamon by the bulk? Researchers feel that there is not enough data to support cinnamon as a supplement that is promoted for type 2 diabetes. This data shows though that it certainly can not hurt to add a little extra cinnamon to our everyday diet. It's possible we'd see the results the Pakistan research team found.


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