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Flash Freestyle Glucose Monitor Reviewed

Youve probably heard the hype and seen the commercials. The Flash Freestyle glucose monitor has received a large share of media exposure. Its maker Therasense has worked hard to portray their glucose monitor as virtually pain-free. However how does this popular glucose monitor stand under our review? Well share with you our experience with the Flash Freestyle monitor.

Freestyle FlashVirtually pain-free?

The Lancet device used with the Flash Freestyle monitor is not revolutionary on its own merit. It features the same Lancet action as other competing spring-loaded Lancet devices. So if you use it on your finger there is little difference of pain as Therasense would like you to believe. Generic Lancet refills are compatible with the Flash Freestyle Lancet device.

Some differences do exist with the Freestyle Lancet device. Utilizing a see-through nose the Lancet device will allow you to use other spots on your body other than your fingers. For instance you can use the forearm, upper arm, thigh, calf and hand as alternatives when getting a blood sample. This can be useful in giving calloused fingers a break. Our experience shows that there is less pain when getting a blood sample from the forearm. The drawbacks in the forearm include difficulty in milking and some doctors feel results are more accurate with blood samples from the fingers than other spots like the forearm.

Freestyle is versatileSo instead of calling the Flash Freestyle Lancet device virtually pain-free we preferred to call it one of the most versatile Lancet devices available. The size of the Lancet device is also compact and that is generally viewed as a plus among diabetics.

Blood sample size!

The Flash Freestyle glucose monitor needs only a very small blood sample to check blood sugar levels. And this is really where we give the monitor high marks. The flash freestyle test strips only need 3/10 of a microliter pinhead sized sample to give your reading that comes in under 10 seconds. Currently this is the smallest sample size needed by a glucose monitor to complete a blood sugar test.The test strip sucks the blood sample from the side of the strip. This makes getting blood samples from various locations easier to attain.

Freestyle Test StripHowever in our tests we did at times have difficulty drawing up blood samples from our forearm, upper arm, calf and hand. We also noted quite a few test strips we used simply did not work. Wed have to start all over again with a new test strip that would register with the Flash Freestyle.

Overall we were pleased with the Freestyle Flash glucose monitor. However its claims of being pain-free we did not buy. Instead we feel it is the most versatile glucose monitoring systems available.


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