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Minimed Paradigm Introduce Continuous Monitoring Technology

Minimed PumpMedtronic Minimed has recently been FDA approved for their insulin pump that combines a continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump. Minimed becomes the first insulin pump company to link the two technologies. This is promising for diabetics using insulin pumps as this technology closes in on the holy grail of insulin pumping.

Not Closed-Loop

The Closed-loop insulin pump would be an insulin pump that works with a continuous glucose monitor to regulate blood sugars completely free of human interaction. What Medtronic Minimed has developed in their Paradigm platform is not closed-loop. The pump will register what the current blood sugar reading is but nothing else.

This continuous glucose monitor is not an end all of finger sticks either. According to Minimed users of their Paradigm system are still required to check blood sugars via an old fashion finger stick at least twice a day.

The continuous glucose monitor requires a separate site inserted in the abdomen which is apart from the regular infusion set. Blood sugar readings are transmitted using radio frequency to the insulin pump every five minutes.

Benefits of this technology for insulin pump users include adaption to stronger control over basal rates and faster warning over high or low blood sugars. Doctors will also have an advantage during patient visits.

One current drawback for the continuous glucose aspect of the Paradigm is as of now most insurance companies will not cover the cost of supplies. All expense would have to be paid out of pocket. However the Paradigm pump would still function without its continuous glucose counterpart.

Upgrades for current Paradigm pump users will be available at out of pocket cost.

The only other insulin pump company considered close to releasing a similar technology is Disetronics/Roche Diagnostics.


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